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V Module-Circuit Breaker

The design of the V module-circuit breaker is safe, practical, and potent. If you have any specific requirements, please contact us.

Standard Configurations and Features
1. 630A/1250A busbar
2. 630A/1250A vacuum circuit breaker
3. Spring type energy-storage mechanism for vacuum circuit breaker
4. Circuit breaker + disconnector/earthing switch
5. Single spring mechanism for disconnector/earthing switch
6. Mechanically interlocked earthing switch and circuit breaker
7. The V module-circuit breaker comes with separated switch position indicators for circuit breaker and earthing switch
8. Trip coil
9. The outgoing bushing is located at the front horizontally. The 630A screw type bushing is available in European type and American type.
10. The voltage indicator integrated with phase concordance testing function is in accordance with ISO61958 standard.
11. The front panels of all the switches in the V module-circuit breaker are able to be padlocked.
12. Earthing busbar
13. Interlocking functions

Optional Accessories and Features
1. Electric lock for earthing switch (when the incoming line is energized, the earthing switch will be locked up to prevent fault operations)
2. Extensible busbar
3. Motor operation (24V/48V DC, 110V/220V DC/AC)
4. Trip coil in parallel connection (24V/48V DC, 110V/220V DC/AC)
5. Closing coil in parallel connection (24V/48V DC, 110V/220V DC/AC)
6. Bushing type CT and ampere meter and power meter
7. Auxiliary contacts
Circuit breaker position 2NO + 2NC
Earthing switch position 2NO + 2NC
Circuit breaker signal 1 NO
8. The secondary devices of the V module-circuit breaker can be mounted in the control box on the top of the switch cabinet.
9. Other protective devices like self-powered relay and other relays

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