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ZW20-12/T630-20 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum circuit breaker equips with vacuum interrupter guarantees stable breaking capacity with no hazardous risks of explosion. The equipment is safe, maintenance-free, compact, light-weighted and long life expectation on mechanical operation. The circuit breaker is enclosed in SF6 filled or N2 filled mental enclosure which is condensation and humidity resistance, suitable for high temperature and humidity application. Circuit breaker equips with three phase CT, output 3 phase current for analysis by intelligent controller. The operation of circuit breaker can be motor, manual, or remote operated. The operation mechanism can be changed freely without affecting the tightness of mental enclosure. The life expectance on operation can reach 10000 times. This product is in combination with controller which used as recloser, sectionalizer, load switch, coupler switch.

Model and Meanings

1. Rated Short-circuit breaking current (kA)
2. Rated Current (A)
3. Spring Operation Mechanism
4. Rated Voltage (kV)
5. Design Code
6. Outdoor Type
7. Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Working Conditions
1. Altitude: ≤ 2000m
2. Air Temperature: +40℃ to -30℃
3. Wind Speed: ≤ 35m/s
4. Height Over Sea Level: ≤2500m
5. Earthquake Strength: no frequent earthquake
6. Degree of Contamination: level III

Main Technical Data
Rated voltage: 12kV
Rated current: 630A
Rated short circuit breaking current: 20/25kA
Rated short time with stand current: 20/4 kA/S
Rated peak withstand current: 50kA
1 min power frequency withstand voltage: 42kV
Lightening impulse withstand voltage: 75kV
Life expectancy on mechanical operation: 10000 times

Dimensions and Installation Instruction

Circuit breaker foundation dimensions

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