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Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Concerning the faults of 10kV overhead distribution line T connection user, when the fault is occurred on the inlet line or the fault is occurred on the outgoing line but the open operation of the switch is not cooperated synchronously with the substation outlet switch, the substation outlet switch will trip for protection. If the fault is permanent, the substation failed to reclose, thus the fault occurring inside the user line will lead to power down of whole distribution line, which lead to adverse effects. ZW20SF outdoor vacuum sectionaliser circuit breaker is the perfect equipment to solve the above failure. It is based on ZW20 type switch, and equipped with a zero-sequence current transformer and a three-phase current transformer, used together with a controller. Mounted at T connection of 10kV overhead distribution lines or the user lines, it can automatically cut off single-phase ground faults and automatically isolate short circuit faults between phases. The circuit breaker is suitable for substations, industrial and mining enterprises, rural power grids and distribution systems, for protecting and controlling purpose and frequent operation places.

Working Conditions
1) Altitude: ≤ 2000m
2) Degree of contamination: IV
3) Ambient temperature: -45℃~ +45℃; daily temperature difference: 25℃
4) Wind speed: ≤ 35m/s
5) Earthquake strength: Level 8
6) Maximum permissible ice thickness: 10mm
7) Place of Installation: outdoor, 10kV overhead line
8) None chemical hazard, no inflammable and explosive hazard

1. Automatically cutoff single-phase fault ------ When single-phase earthing fault occurs in user branch line, the sectionaliser circuit breaker automatically open, thus substations and users on other branches could not be affected by the fault.
2. Automatic fault isolation ------ When short circuit fault between phases occurs in user branch line, the sectionaliser circuit breaker tripping before the substation outgoing line protection switch, automatically isolating the fault circuit, thus users on other branches could not be affected by the fault.
3. Quickly locate the point of fault ------ After fault caused by user branch made the sectionaliser circuit breaker open, only the responsible user powers off, fault information submitted by the user, thus the power company can quickly repair the fault site. If the fault sectionaliser circuit breaker is equipped with a communication module, then the information will be automatically submit to the power management center.
4. Monitoring load data ------ The sectionaliser circuit breaker can be equipped with wired or wireless communication module to transfer the monitoring data to the power management center, to achieve real-time remote monitoring of the load data.
5. Remote control ------ The sectionaliser circuit breaker could be operated by short messages on mobile phone or by computer.

Main Technical Data
Technical Data of Switch
No. Item Data
1 Rated voltage 12kV
2 Rated current 630A
3 Rated frequency 50Hz
4 Rated short circuit breaking current ( valid value ) 20kA
5 Rated short-circuit current breaking times 30 次
6 Rated peak withstand current (peak ) 50kA
7 Rated short time withstand current (4S) 20kA
8 Rated short-circuit closing current (peak ) 50kA
9 1min power frequency withstand voltage (phase to earth / fracture) 42 /49 kV
10 Lightning impulse withstand voltage peak (phase to earth / fracture) 75/85kV
11 Mechanical life 10000 times
12 Rated operating sequence Open-0.3s-Close and open-180s- Close and open
13 SF6 rated gas pressure (gauge) “0” Mpa
14 SF6 gas leakage annual rate ≤0.5%
15 Switch weight 140kg
16 Switch volume (including packaging box ) 1300mm ×900mm×880mm
Technical Data of Controller
No. Item Data Remarks
1 Input operating voltage AC220V
2 Input operating voltage frequency 50Hz
3 Allowed fluctuation range of input operating voltage ±20%
4 Total power consumption < 10W
5 Output voltage ( opening operation) 220V
6 Output control contact capacity Adjustable
7 Sampling phase current input value 0.2 ~ 20A If more than 20A, the saturation is allowed for secondary current
8 Sampling zero sequence current input value 0.01A ~ 1A If more than 1A, the saturation is allowed for zero sequence secondary current
9 Allowed sampling error of power input value ±3% No requirement for the saturated zone
10 Phase protection current setting range 1A ~ 20A 0 is close the correspond protection
11 Phase protection operation delay time value Adjustable 0 . 1~10 sec.
12 Zero sequence protection current setting range Adjustable 0 is close the correspond protection
13 Zero sequence protection operation delay time value 0 ~ 7200s Adjustable
14 Reclosing times 3 times adjustable 0 is close the recloser
15 First reclosing time Adjustable 0.3~600 sec.
16 Second reclosing time Adjustable 3.0~600 sec.
17 Third reclosing time Adjustable 3.0~600 sec.
18 Remote setup 0: Panel dialing, 1: Remote setup
19 Setting value error ±3% When the time set value is 0, is actually 40ms, the error is less than ± 20ms.
20 Insulation resistance > 100M Ω/ DC500V 1. External terminal to ground
2. Power input terminal to power supply and switching control output terminals
3. Switch status input terminal to power supply and switching control output terminals
21 Power frequency withstand voltage 2000V/1min Same as above
22 Impulse withstand voltage 5000V, 1.2/50μS, three times each for positive and negative 1. Power supply and switching control output terminals to ground 2. Power input terminal to ground

Features of Switch
1. Compact structure with mechanism and VCB sealed in one cabinet; stainless steel enclosure to ensure corrosion resistancy.
2. Flexible and easy operation. Electrically automatic charging, remote control of opening and closing. Both manual charging and manual open/closing is provided.
3. Excellent insulation function and sealing properties. The vacuum interrupter is employed, SF6 gas functions as the arc extinguishing dielectric. The main circuit and the second circuit elements, and the operating mechanism are sealed in SF6 gas tank (zero gauge pressure), which is reliable in sealing performance.
4. Variable parameters. The current transformer and zero-sequence current transformer is equipped inside the switch. Compact structure; easy to connect. Metering protection functions is also available.

Features of Controller
1. Available with 485/232 communications interface, or implement remote monitoring through fiber optics or wireless; accelerated after reclosing function: when the switch open to the position of permanent fault, the switch automatically acceleration trip.
2. Remote / manual closing accelerated trip, and locking recloser: Carry out the power transmission after checking the line, if forget to remove the grounding switch, should accelerate the trip.
3. Three times of reclosing delay time is adjustable.
4. The tripping and closing circuit adopt anti-misoperation design, and has anti-tripping function.
5. Zero sequence current can be distinguished in internal and external fault.
6. The opening and closing switch with remote control adopt anti-misoperation design.

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