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XGW-SF6 Ring Main Unit

Module name: XGW


Ambient temperature
Maximum temperature:+45℃
Minimum temperature:-45℃

Humidity Level
Maximum average relative humidity
Daily average≤ 95%
Monthly average≤ 90%
Altitude:≤ 2000 M

Seismic capacity: VIII (seismic intensity)
SF6 relative pressure: 0.03 MPa (≤20℃)
SF6 yearly leakage percent: ≤0.3‰

Arc ignition test
Rated short-time withstand current: 20kA/4s

IP rating
SF6 tank: IP67
Fuse tube: IP67
Metal enclosure: IP4X

Busbar in the SF6 tank: 400 mm2Cu,
Earthing busbar in the RMU: 150 mm2Cu

Thickness of stainless SF6 tank: ≥3.0 mm

Note: If you want to install our SF6 RMU at places higher than 2000 m (altitude), please contact us.

 Item  Unit Date
XGW Module C Module F Module V    
SF6 Insulated RMU Load Switch Load switch and fuse-combination Vacuum circuit breaker Disconnector Earthing Switch
Rated Voltage kV 12 12 12 12 12 12
Arc Quenching Method   Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum vacuum    
Rated Current A 630/1250 630 125 630 630 630
Rated Frenquency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Main Closed-loop Resistance μΩ ≤350 ≤240 ≤500
(Note 1)
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (phase to phase, phase to earth/across open contacts) kV 42/48 42/48 42/48 42 42 42
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Phase to Phase, Phase to Earth, across open contacts) kV 75/85 75/85 75/85 75 75 75
Rated Short-circuit Making Current kA 20/25 20 31.5
(Note 2)
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current Times time       30    
Rated Short-circuit Making Current kA 50/63 50 80 50/63    
Rated Short-circuit Making Current Times time   5       2
Rated Short-time Withstand Current kA 20/25 20   20 20 20
Rated Short-circuit Withstand Duration s 4 4   4 4 2
Rated Peak Withstand Current kA 50/63 50   50 50 50
Out-phase Earthing Fault Breaking Current kA       17.3    
Rated Cable Charging Breaking Current A   10   25    
Rated Take-over Current A     3700      
Arc Ignition Duration s ≥0.5          
Partial Discharge pC ≤20 ≤5
(Note 3)
(Note 3)
(Note 3)
IP Rating   Sealed living part: IP67; Switchboard enclosure: IP4X IP67 IP67 IP67    
Mechanical Endurance time 10000 10000 10000 10000 2000 2000

Note 1: the fuse is replaced by contact spike
Note 2: limited by high voltage fuse.
Note 3: key part
The SVI-12 complies with IEC60056, IEC60129, IEC60265, IEC60298, IEC60420, IEC60694, GB/T11022-1999, GB3906-91, GB1985-89, GB16926-1997, GB38041-90, GB1984-89, GB3309-89, GB3804-2004, and so on.

SOJO has years of experience in the design and manufacturing of XGW-SF6 ring main unit. With the foreign advanced technologies and CAD software, we developed the SF6 insulated MV switchgear, namely XGW series RMU. As a modularized unit, our RMU can be incorporated into other combinations flexibly. It is suitable for power network node, terminal, as well as various kinds of secondary substation which requires compact, flexible and practical RMUs.

SJXGN is the main module structure of the XGW-SF6 ring main unit. All the live part and switchgears are sealed in a stainless steel shell which is full of SF6. Thus the switchgear won’t be affected by the environment, leading to great reliability, safety, and maintenance-free property. SJXGN can have 6 switch units at most in a gas tank. If there are more than 6 units, you can connect different switch cabinets with an insulated and screened extensible busbar. This modularized design can meet the needs of various kinds of standard or non-standard distribution solutions.

Load switch module
Direct cable connection module
Load switch + fuse-combination module
Circuit breaker module

SJXGN series SF6 ring main unit comprises 4 kinds of standard modules. You can make up different kinds of RMU or transformer feeder switch with these modules.

The XGW series XGW-SF6 ring main unit can meet different requirements of MV (≤12kV) power distribution cable network. It is a kind of compact MV switchgear. The completely sealed structure can be used for different kinds of connecting solutions of RMUs and radial distribution network.

The load switch coupled with circuit breaker can protect the transformers less than 2000 kVA. The circuit breaker is mainly for the circuit protection, and it can protect transformers less than 3000 kVA.

All the primary equipment like switchgear, busbar, circuit breaker is sealed in a stainless shell filled with SF6.

Standard combination
XGW-12 provides 18 kinds of standard combination as follows:

  • Standard 1
    circuit C
  • Standard 1
    circuit F
  • Standard 2
    circuit DF
  • Standard 3
    circuit CCC
  • Standard 4
    circuit CCCC
  • Standard 2
    circuit FC
  • Standard 3
    circuit FCC
  • Standard 3
    circuits CCF
  • Standard 4
    circuits CCCF
  • Standard 2
    circuits CF
  • Standard 3
    circuits CFC
  • Standard 4
    circuits CCFF
  • Standard 5
    circuits CCFFF
  • Standard 5
    circuits CCCCC
  • Standard 5
    circuits CCCFF
  • Standard 4
    circuits CFFC
  • Standard 4
    circuits CCVV
  • Standard 5
    circuits CCCF

Every module of the XGW-12 has the configuration as follows:
C cabinet: see the Standard Configurations and Features of Load Switch Module
F cabinet: see the Standard Configurations and Features of Load Switch and Fuse-combination Module
V cabinet: see the Standard Configurations and Features of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Module

Standard module
The modules that can be used in XGW-12 are shown in the table below.

Module Width (mm) Approx. Weight (kg)
C Module: Load Switch 350 120
D Module: Direct Cable Connecting 350 100
F Module: Fuse-combination Switch 350 180
V Module: Circuit Breaker 350 200
CL Module: Sectionalizing Switch (Load switch) 350 140
VL Module: Sectionalizing Switch (Circuit Breaker) 350 220
ME Module: High Voltage metering unit 350 220
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