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SFZCW Series

Intelligent Recloser Controller

As a kind of feeder automation-remote terminal unit (FA-RTU), the SFZCW series intelligent recloser controller is mainly used for 35 KV (or lower) power distribution network. It can protect and monitor the network and some facilities on it, making itself a necessary device for protecting and controlling the pole mounted recloser switch.

The product comes with a LCD screen and stepless parameter setting property. It has many protective functions, such as overcurrent protection, quick-breaking and reclosure, for the power supply network. The features include high precision, great anti-disturbance capability. Typically, our product can help the system to avoid the inrush current of the transformer, enhancing the sensitivity and reliability of the quick-breaking function. Thus we can eliminate the influence of instant faults, as well as isolate the fault sections permanently. The power failure range will be narrowed and the power supply stability will be improved.

The SFZCW series intelligent recloser controller has four types of communication functions, namely by cable, light, GPRS, GSM. If communication line is available, our product can provide on-line functions like reading testing data, setting and checking fixed values, remote control of closing and opening, and so on, laying the foundation for the automation of the power distribution system.

1. Definite time three-section protection function
2. Inverse time limit A-T curve protection
3. Optional reclosure times
4. Adjustable reclosure interval
5. Small current earthing protection function
6. Distribution network reconstruction function
7. Nearby remote control function
8. Closing locking function
9. Nearby and remote switching
10. File memory function
11. Four-remote function(R232/485 port)
12. UPS operating power supply is available for at least 50 times of breaking and making operations

Technical parameter
NO. Item Data Note
1 Input CT ratio *:5/*:1 Optional
2 Power supply ≥600W  
3 Working power supply AC220V±10%  
4 Time limited quick-break fixed value 0.05~30.0A Adjustable
5 Overcurrent fixed value 0.05~30.0A Adjustable
6 Delaying duration 0~60s Adjustable
7 Inverse time limit A-T curve 8 Optional
8 Reclosure times 3 times Adjustable
9 Reclosure interval 0.3S~1000S Adjustable
10 Small current earthing function 0.01~30.0A Adjustable
11 Nearby remote control distance ≥30M  
12 Communication mode RS232/485, CANBUS, GSM, GPRS Optional
13 Ambient temperature -25 °C~+70°C
Normal temperature type
Ordering information:
1. CT ratio and capacity
2. Need UPS device or not.
3. Special requirements for room temperature type products
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