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Pole Mounted Switch

Related Names
Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker | Outdoor Magnetic Circuit Breaker | Outdoor Medium Voltage Vacuum Recloser

    1. ZW32-15/27/38 Solid Dielectric Three-phase Vacuum RecloserThis vacuum recloser adopts pole embedded technology, encapsulated vacuum bottles for the fault interruption, epoxy resin and silicon rubber for the insulation. Magnetic actuated mechanism combined with optional spring mechanism enable both CLOSE and TRIP operations when the battery runs out during dead line.
    1. ZCH8-12 Medium Voltage Vacuum RecloserThe ZCH8-12 medium voltage vacuum recloser can do many jobs like measuring, control, monitoring, communicating, and telecontrol. It features with high integration, flexible configuration, and user friendly interface, and can be used in both simple and complex power distribution systems.
    1. ZW8 Outdoor Pole Mounted Circuit BreakerIt can break and make the load current, overload current and short circuit fault circuit, making itself a controller and protector for the power network. When the breaker is combined with the insulated switch, it can also used as a section switch.
    1. FZW28-12(F) Load Switch (Watchdog)Installed at the responsibility demarcation point on the 10kV overhead distribution line, the watchdog can automatically disconnect the lines with single phase earthing fault or short circuit fault between phases
    1. ZW20-12/T630-20 Vacuum Circuit BreakerVacuum circuit breaker equips with vacuum interrupter guarantees stable breaking capacity with no hazardous risks of explosion. The equipment is safe, maintenance-free, compact, light-weighted and long life expectation on mechanical operation.
    1. ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit BreakerZW7-40.5 Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is for alternating current of rated voltage of 40.5kV for outdoor installation, and for service frequency of 50Hz. Spring operation mechanism can be remote controlled or manual controlled for opening/closing.
    1. ZW20SF-12 Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit BreakerConcerning the faults of 10kV overhead distribution line T connection user, when the fault is occurred on the inlet line or the fault is occurred on the outgoing line but the open operation of the switch is not cooperated synchronously with the substation outlet switch, the substation outlet switch will trip for protection.