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Automatic Transfer Switch for Backup Power Supply

The S J200B automatic transfer switch is mainly used for 35KV and below distribution network, has the control, automatic switching, protection and monitoring functions to the lines and equipment.

Main features
1. Use highly integrated low power consumption 32-bit microprocessor, and wide Temperature military or industrial devices with high performance, high reliability and high integration to ensure the normal operation in harsh environments.
2. A variety of switching programs for selection;
3. The protection functions are fully equipped, various protection functions can be set flexibly;
4. Up to 24-channel intelligent digital inputs;
5. Up to 8 programmable output relay configuration;
6. Up to 10 LED lights;
7. With monitoring and control functions, can measure line voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency and other electrical parameters;
8. Adopt 12864 LCD, multi-layer menu, HMI (Human Machine Interface);
9. Large capacity FLASH memory to record the historical data;
10. RS485 communication bus interface or Ethernet interface, can provide 101,104, ModBus and other standard communication protocols.

This equipment is a microprocessor-based integrated protection device with advanced features, mainly used for the protection of 10kV and below high voltage switchgear. Its features are as follows:
1. Industrial level RS-485 bus network, economic and convenient networking, can achieve the direct communication and monitoring with microcomputer monitoring or protection management machine;
2. The current measurement error does not exceed the rated value of ±5%; The operating current error does not exceed the set value of ±5%; The zero-sequence current operation error does not exceed ±0.01ln (ln is zero-sequence rated current) or the set value of ±5%; The power error does not exceed the rating of ±1%;
3. The protection features include three-stage overcurrent protection, two-stage zero-sequence overcurrent protection, post accelerating protection and surge suppression. Can set up to 4 times overcurrent reclosing, 2 times zero-sequence overcurrent reclosing and other functions;
4. Settable protection value, can save the recently occurred 40 fault reports, including motion parameters, so that to facilitate the accident analysis; Strong anti-jamming performance, adopt a variety of isolation and shielding measures to the hardware design; Adopt the digital filtering techniques, good protection algorithms and other anti-jamming measures for the software design, making the product has a greatly improved anti-jamming performance;
5. The product´s HMI has powerful functions, meet the ergonomic design requirements. Menu design, easy operation and commissioning, the general operator can skillfully operate the device refer to the instructions;
6. As microcomputer protection device, the product uses industrial components, has high stability and reliability, can work in high voltage switchgear and other harsh environments.

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