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SJ201-B Protective Device

The product is mainly used for electric RMU circuit breaker to achieve the opening and closing operation, at the same time according to the number of light flashing, can know timely the cause of fault, so that save largely the troubleshooting time and improve work efficiency. The controller is equipped with LCD display, the setting of parameters is more convenient, can achieve over-current, quick-break, delayed quick-break, reclosing, zero sequence overcurrent and other protection functions. High precision protection operation, strong anti-interference ability. And has fault recording function, it can save most recent 255 faults and reasons, and displays the current faults on the LCD.

Simple operation, wide range of application, remote control of opening and closing operation, with motor overcurrent protection, real-time clock and RS485 interface reserved, support IEC60870-5-101 protocol, can output the signal of opening and closing action.

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