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SCR201 Relay Protection Device

This equipment is a microprocessor-based integrated protection device with advanced features, mainly used for the protection of 10kV and below high voltage switchgear. Its features are as follows:
1. Industrial level RS-485 bus network, economic and convenient networking, can achieve the direct communication and monitoring with microcomputer monitoring or protection management machine;
2. The current measurement error does not exceed the rated value of ±5%; The operating current error does not exceed the set value of ±5%; The zero-sequence current operation error does not exceed ±0.01ln (ln is zero-sequence rated current) or the set value of ±5%; The power error does not exceed the rating of ±1%;
3. The protection features include three-stage overcurrent protection, two-stage zero-sequence overcurrent protection, post accelerating protection and surge suppression. Can set up to 4 times overcurrent reclosing, 2 times zero-sequence overcurrent reclosing and other functions;
4. Settable protection value, can save the recently occurred 40 fault reports, including motion parameters, so that to facilitate the accident analysis; Strong anti-jamming performance, adopt a variety of isolation and shielding measures to the hardware design; Adopt the digital filtering techniques, good protection algorithms and other anti-jamming measures for the software design, making the product has a greatly improved anti-jamming performance;
5. The product´s HMI has powerful functions, meet the ergonomic design requirements. Menu design, easy operation and commissioning, the general operator can skillfully operate the device refer to the instructions;
6. As microcomputer protection device, the product uses industrial components, has high stability and reliability, can work in high voltage switchgear and other harsh environments.

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