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Fixed Type Metal Enclosed Switchgear

The HXGN-12 (F) and HXGN-12 (FR) fixed type metal enclosed switchgear is suitable for 10KV, 50Hz three phase AC distribution system. It can control the branch lines in switching stations, and is widely used for the power supply of ring network, terminal, and box-type substation. The switchgear box is divided into busbar compartment and switch compartment. The assembled switchgear box is quite stable.

The HXGN-12 fixed type metal enclosed switchgear has a special valve structure, so the IP rating is very desirable. After the load switch opens, the valve will automatically isolate the contacts, separating the incoming line, busbar compartment from the switch compartment. Thus the maintenance and overhaul operations will be very safe.

The device can be extended conveniently to form a ring network power supply unit and systems in other connecting methods. The three phases are fixed in a line, the switchgear box is small so it needs very small area for installation. High pressure gas injecting method is adopted for the arc quenching, and the breaking performance is stable and reliable.

The operating mechanism of the HXGN-12 fixed type metal enclosed switchgear comes in manual type or motor-driven type. The mechanical interlocking is very advanced and reliable, and has a high IP rating. The load switch and grounding knife can be both locked at the open or close positions. The load switches can be interlocked according to the program. It is convenient to exchange the main components including the load switch and breaker. Our product is totally environmentally friendly, fire accident resistant and explosion resistant. The shunt trip, live part display device and phasing device are also optional.

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