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Indoor Draw-Out Metal Enclosed Switchboard

The MNS indoor draw-out metal enclosed switchboard has a sectional structure whose main frame is assembled with C type steel. All the components of the box of the switchboard has been galvanized, and then well fixed with thread forming screws and 8.8 grade hexagon bolts. In addition, all the other components of the switchboard including door, compartment board, installing bracket and busbar unit are available according to different solutions. The dimension of the inner structure, component, compartment vary in accordance with the change of modulization (E=25).

The MNS indoor draw-out metal enclosed switchboard is suitable for power distribution systems and locations that require a three-phase alternative current with a frequency of 50(60)Hz and a rated voltage from 380V to 660V, such as power systems, petrochemical industries, public utilities, residential areas, drilling platform, mining enterprises, etc.

Every box of the MNS sectional low voltage switchgear comprises three compartments, namely horizontal busbar compartment (at the back of the box), drawer compartment (in the front of the box), and the cable compartment (at the bottom or front right of the box). Steel board or high toughness flame retardant functional plastic board is used for separating different compartments. The drawer is separated by a steel board with vent holes from the drawer above or beneath it. These boards can effectively avoid flashovers caused by switch faults, and accidents caused by other short circuits of the busbar and other wires.

The MNS low voltage switchboard is designed to meet the requirements for different line outgoing/incoming solutions, such as top in top out, bottom in top out, top in bottom out, and bottom in bottom out.

The structure of the MNS indoor draw-out metal enclosed switchboard is quite compact so that a small space can contain as many functional devices as possible.

The great universality of the components makes the assembling quite flexible. The modulus is 25 mm. The overall structure and withdrawable unit come with variable combinations according to the system design.

Flame retardant plastic board of high toughness and good insulating performance is used to protect the busbar in the MNS indoor draw-out metal enclosed switchboard. The board can prevent fault flashover, making the operation and fixing safe and reliable.

The interlocking devices for drawers of different sizes are up to related standards. There are three obvious positions for connecting, test, and separating. So the whole structure is quite reliable.

Modular design is adopted for MNS indoor draw-out metal enclosed switchboard. Standard units can be assembled for protecting, operating, changing, controlling, adjusting, measuring, and indicating. They can be further assembled in any combination.

Technical parameter
Rated voltage: 0.38kV
Rated incoming current: 100~5000A
Rated thermal stable current: 40kA (3s)
Rated dynamic thermal stable current: 100kA Peak
1 min power frequency withstand voltage: 3kV

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