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SJFD2000 Microprocessor Recloser Controller

The SJFD2000 is a microprocessor recloser controller, suitable for protection, control and supervision of utility substations and industrial power systems including radial, looped and meshed distribution networks.

Features of Microprocessor Recloser Controller
1. Up to 20 binary inputs and 14 binary relay outputs including 6 VT inputs for voltage sensing or external PTs and 4 CT inputs
2. Communication protocols: DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104, Modbus, IEC 61850
3. PPP communication protocol for fast protection, transfer switch, fault isolation and power recovery
4. Local and remote HMI
5. Customizable and flexible selections of protection schemes
6. Programmed integrated circuit control
7. Automatic fault detection isolation and restoration
8. Self-diagnose function
9. Definable selection modes for resloser and sectionaliser control
10. Embedded In-rush detection

Protection Functions of Microprocessor Recloser Controller
Current Protection
1. Overcurrent protection [[51P, 50P-1, 50P-2, 50P-3]
2. Overcurrent ground-fault protection [51N, 50N-1, 50N-2, 50N-3]
3. Sensitive earth-fault protection [50SEF]
4. Negative sequence overcurrent protection [46-1, 46-2]
5. Phase discontinuity protection [46PD]
6. Three-phase inrush detector [INR]
Directional Protection
1. Single-phase overcurrent protection [67/51P-1, 67/51P-2]
2. Ground-fault protection [67/51N-1, 67/51N-2]
Voltage Protection
1. Three-phase overvoltage [59-1, 59-2, 59-3]
2. Three-phase undervoltage [27-1, 27-2, 27-3]
3. Positive sequence overvoltage [59PS-1, 59PS-2]
4. Negative sequence overvoltage [47-1, 47-2]
5. Zero sequence overvoltage [59N-1, 59N-2]
Frequency Protection
1. Underfrequency, overfrequency, frequency rate of change [81-1, 81-2]
2. Load shed & restoration [81S-1, 81S-2]
1. Autoreclosing [79]
2. Synchro-check/voltage check [25]
3. Circuit breaker [52]
4. Loop control
Supervision Monitoring
CB condition monitoring [52CM]
1. Three-phase current [IA, IB, IC]
2. Sequence current [I1, I2, I0]
3. Ground current [IG]
4. Three-phase voltage, source [VA, VB, VC]
5. Three-phase voltage, load [VA, VB, VC(2)]
6. Sequence voltages, source [V1, V2, V0]
7. Sequence voltages, load [V1, V2, V0(2)]
8. Three and single -phase power and energy [P, E]
9. Frequency [f]
10. Power factor [pf]
1. Digital fault recorder
2. Sequence of events
3. Fault recorder
4. Fault locator
Local HMI
1. Low-power 32-bit microprocessor, military grade components for maximum durability under extreme conditions
2. Monitoring and controlling functions, it can measure line voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency and other electrical parameters
3. Large capacity FLASH memory to record historical data
4. 12864LCD display could show 4 lines of 20 characters, to interact between human and computer
5. Physical switch for changing from reclosing controller to sectionaliser controller
6. Maximum 20 programmable alarm LEDs to indicate the switch status and alarm faults
7. Maximum 10 programmable buttons
1. Via RJ-45 Ethernet communication connector
2. Serial communication using RS-232, RS-485
3. Support ‘IEC60870-5-104: 2006, IDT’ and ‘IEC60870-5-101: 2002, IDT’ statute
4. Support MODBUS RTU / ASCII serial and TCP/IP model
Input and output ports
1. Fully configurable 20 binary inputs 8 binary relay outputs
2. 16 analog sampling channels
Optional Accessories
SMS Module (GSM) and remote control functions:
• SMS module: communicate with the master controller
via RS485
• Hand-hold remote controller functions:
A simple hand-on remote control is available for opening and closing operations within 10 meters range.
WIFI communication modules: communicate with the master controller via RS485 Operating through a computer or a cell phone APP, support queries of controller status, valuation, protection records and other information. The controller could be set the opening and closing operations and other functions.

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