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SJDA2000 Feeder Remote Terminal Unit

The SJDA2000 feeder remote terminal unit, it is an intelligent terminal designed for distribution network operation and management, widely used in the RMU distribution network, switching stations, column switches and other places. Mainly to complete the local monitoring, control and fault detection of switching equipment, at the same time can be used as a communication relay and regional control center. And cambined with power distribution automation master or slave stations system, can achieve multiple line collecting and control, fault detection, fault location, fault regional isolation and non-fault region power recovery, that effectively improve the reliability of power supply. Adopt the object-oriented circuit design and program management thinking, the extension of function interface is very convenient.

Basic configuration
1. Oriented 6 circuit switch device design
2. With visualization panel, intuitive, easy to operate
3. Modular hardware structure, multi-CPU control system
4. 50-channel digital inputs
5. 24-channel AC volume measurement, the accuracy reaches 0.2 level
6. 12 digital outputs to control the 6 circuits open and close operation
7. 2 Ethernet ports, 1 RS232, 2 RS485 external communication interfaces
8. DC24V battery, power management module, passive relay contact
9. Temperature range: -40~+70℃

Fault detection
1. Overcurrent detection trip
2. Fault information reporting
3. Fault trip
4. One shot recloer
5. Zero-sequence overcurrent detection
6. Overload detection
7. PT disconnection / pressure loss warning

Basic characteristics of sub-station system DAS
1. Standard IPC configuration
2. Windows XP operating system
3. Hardware and software watchdog technology
4. Real-time multi-tasking mechanism
5. Communication protocol: IE C570-5-101, I E C570-5-104, single cycle data calls

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