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MV&LV Switchboard

Related Names
Air Insulated Metal Enclosed Switchboard | Metal Enclosed Switchgear | Electrical Distribution System

    1. KYN28A-12(GZS1) Air Insulated Metal Enclosed SwitchboardThe KYN28A air insulated metal enclosed switchboard, which is for distributing and accepting AC electricity (3-12 kV, 50 Hz) distribution system, is fitted with VD4 circuit breaker from ABB or VS1 circuit breaker from domestic company.
    1. HXGN-12 Metal Enclosed SwitchgearThe HXGN-12 (F) and HXGN-12 (FR) fixed type metal enclosed switchgear is suitable for 10KV, 50Hz three phase AC distribution system. It can control the branch lines in switching stations, and is widely used for the power supply of ring network, terminal, and box-type substation.
    1. XGN2-12 Air Insulated Indoor Fixed Type Medium Voltage SwitchboardThe main switchboard of the air insulated indoor fixed type medium voltage switchboard adopts ZN28A vacuum circuit breaker. The main switch, disconnecting switch, grounding switch, and the door are mechanically interlocked. The design features with easy operation, convenient maintenance, and high reliability.
    1. MNS Indoor Draw-Out Metal Enclosed SwitchboardThe MNS indoor draw-out metal enclosed switchboard has a sectional structure whose main frame is assembled with C type steel. All the components of the box of the switchboard has been galvanized, and then well fixed with thread forming screws and 8.8 grade hexagon bolts.
    1. XGN68 Fixed Metal Enclosed SwitchgearComparing to the traditional indoor high voltage complete switchboard, our XGN68 switchboard has a 40% smaller size, which is about the same as SF6 RMU. Besides, the fuse changing now is also much more simple and safe.
    1. GCS Low Voltage Removable SwitchboardThe product is at the leading position of domestic market which can be applied in power distribution network, motor center, control, reactive compensation, etc. under the conditions of three phase alternating current, rated voltage no more than 380V, and rated current up to 4000A. Technical Data