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Power Distribution Automation Device

Our SJDA power distribution automation device comes with many measuring devices for parameters like voltage, current and so on. Besides, it can also calculate the active power, reactive power, power factor, electricity energy, harmonic wave, frequency, and so on.

The analog value input and off/on value input and output can be flexibly settled.

The busbar is embedded in the chip, so the anti disturbance performance is greatly improved.

The hardware of our SJDA power distribution automation device is designed concisely. The composite board, surface mounting technology, and industrial/military grade chips are adopted. All the chips and other components are on a printed board. The size is small and the toughness is great. So the product can be used in a large temperature range, while the power consumption is quite small.

SJDA 2000 is the solution for uninterrupted power distribution, the monitoring and analysis functions are integrated together.

Basic Configuration
1. 6 loop circuits
2. Visualized panel
3. Modular hardware structure, multi-CPU control system
4. 24 circuits switching quantity input
5. Three-phase and 5-circuits current, three-phase and 3-circuit voltage, accuracy class = 0.2
6. 24V DC/220V AC input
7. 6 switching signal output with adjustable pulse-width
8. Remote communication: 2 RS485 communication port, 1 GPRS device, and 1 ethernet communication port
9. One RS232 communication port for local test
10. 24 local SOEs
11. Working temperature: -25℃~+70℃.

Extensible Configuration
Locking function for switching input quantity
Analog quantity excess protection
Off/on value output setting

Basic features of Sub-station DAS system
Standard configuration for industrial control computer
Windows XP operating system
Watchdog technology for both software and hardware
Real-time multi-tasking
Communication protocol: DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-101
Single cycle data call

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