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Switchgear Controller

Our SJFD-2000 switchgear controller has many practical functions. It can isolate fault circuit branch, locate the fault position and monitor the user load.

Phase to phase short circuit fault auto-isolation
When a short-circuit fault happened to a branch of the feeder line, the substation outgoing cable protection device will automatically break the circuit and the watchdog will instantly switch off. Thus the fault branch could be isolated and then the substation protection system will reclose the circuit to restore the power supply of the other branches.

Rapid positioning of fault
The watchdog can automatically report fault position to the power distribution company immediately after the reclosure of the substation, so the fault could be found and fixed in time.

User load monitoring
Using the SJFD-2000 switchgear controller, the watchdog can detect and send out the load data, thus the power supply center can achieve real time load monitoring.

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