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Cable Accessories

Our cable accessories have safety structure which is completely insulated and sealed. The total number of incoming and outgoing wires could reach 8. The structure design is compact, small, and reasonable. The installation and operation are both quite convenient. In addition, the cable accessories are anti-corrosive, maintenance free, and free from environmental impact. They could be mounted or detached with electricity.

Insulated and sealed cable joint
Our insulated and sealed cable joint is suitable for 10kV and 630A electric system. It has been widely used for branch cable box, RMU, box-type substation, and so on. After special treatment, it could also be buried into earth and serve as cable joint for underground cables. Through connecting devices, T-joints and 200A cable joints can be connected to it. The suitable cables are 35-400mm2 in section area. The fault point can be located rapidly after potential indicator is mounted at the testing point.

The cable accessories can be divided into U.S. type and Euro. type according to the tapered structure, while they are catalogued as plug-in type and bolt-on type according to the fixing method. Besides the rated current of the accessories come in 200A and 630A, and the rated voltage is available in 15kV and 25 kV.

The material for the Euro. type cable joint is medical grade silicone imported from Germany Bayer, while that for U.S. type is EPDM.

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