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    1. 12 & 24kV SVI-Solid Insulated RMUThe SVI-solid insulated RMU is our newly developed environmentally friendly and high-tech product, which has been researched and developed for two years and seven months with assistance from related national departments.
    1. 40.5kV Solid Insulated SwitchgearShielded layer of conductive material makes the surface at earth potential everywhere; it is accidently touchable providing safety features for operator.
    1. XGW-SF6 Insulated RMUSOJO has years of experience in the design and manufacturing of XGW-SF6 ring main unit. With the foreign advanced technologies and CAD software, we developed the SF6 insulated MV switchgear, namely XGW series RMU.
    1. ZW32-15/27/38 Solid Dielectric Three-phase Vacuum RecloserThis vacuum recloser adopts pole embedded technology, encapsulated vacuum bottles for the fault interruption, epoxy resin and silicon rubber for the insulation. Magnetic actuated mechanism combined with optional spring mechanism enable both CLOSE and TRIP operations when the battery runs out during dead line.
    1. ZCH8-12 Medium Voltage Vacuum RecloserThe ZCH8-12 medium voltage vacuum recloser can do many jobs like measuring, control, monitoring, communicating, and telecontrol. It features with high integration, flexible configuration, and user friendly interface, and can be used in both simple and complex power distribution systems.
    1. ZW8 Outdoor Pole Mounted Circuit BreakerIt can break and make the load current, overload current and short circuit fault circuit, making itself a controller and protector for the power network. When the breaker is combined with the insulated switch, it can also used as a section switch.
    1. FZW28-12(F) Load Switch (Watchdog)Installed at the responsibility demarcation point on the 10kV overhead distribution line, the watchdog can automatically disconnect the lines with single phase earthing fault or short circuit fault between phases
    1. ZW20-12/T630-20 Vacuum Circuit BreakerVacuum circuit breaker equips with vacuum interrupter guarantees stable breaking capacity with no hazardous risks of explosion. The equipment is safe, maintenance-free, compact, light-weighted and long life expectation on mechanical operation.
    1. ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit BreakerZW7-40.5 Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is for alternating current of rated voltage of 40.5kV for outdoor installation, and for service frequency of 50Hz. Spring operation mechanism can be remote controlled or manual controlled for opening/closing.
    1. ZW20SF-12 Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit BreakerConcerning the faults of 10kV overhead distribution line T connection user, when the fault is occurred on the inlet line or the fault is occurred on the outgoing line but the open operation of the switch is not cooperated synchronously with the substation outlet switch, the substation outlet switch will trip for protection.
    1. KYN28A-12(GZS1) Air Insulated Metal Enclosed SwitchboardThe KYN28A air insulated metal enclosed switchboard, which is for distributing and accepting AC electricity (3-12 kV, 50 Hz) distribution system, is fitted with VD4 circuit breaker from ABB or VS1 circuit breaker from domestic company.
    1. HXGN-12 Metal Enclosed SwitchgearThe HXGN-12 (F) and HXGN-12 (FR) fixed type metal enclosed switchgear is suitable for 10KV, 50Hz three phase AC distribution system. It can control the branch lines in switching stations, and is widely used for the power supply of ring network, terminal, and box-type substation.
    1. XGN2-12 Air Insulated Indoor Fixed Type Medium Voltage SwitchboardThe main switchboard of the air insulated indoor fixed type medium voltage switchboard adopts ZN28A vacuum circuit breaker. The main switch, disconnecting switch, grounding switch, and the door are mechanically interlocked. The design features with easy operation, convenient maintenance, and high reliability.
    1. MNS Indoor Draw-Out Metal Enclosed SwitchboardThe MNS indoor draw-out metal enclosed switchboard has a sectional structure whose main frame is assembled with C type steel. All the components of the box of the switchboard has been galvanized, and then well fixed with thread forming screws and 8.8 grade hexagon bolts.
    1. XGN68 Fixed Metal Enclosed SwitchgearComparing to the traditional indoor high voltage complete switchboard, our XGN68 switchboard has a 40% smaller size, which is about the same as SF6 RMU. Besides, the fuse changing now is also much more simple and safe.
    1. GCS Low Voltage Removable SwitchboardThe product is at the leading position of domestic market which can be applied in power distribution network, motor center, control, reactive compensation, etc. under the conditions of three phase alternating current, rated voltage no more than 380V, and rated current up to 4000A. Technical Data
    1. VS1(ZN63) Indoor AC Vacuum Circuit BreakerThe VS1(Z N63) indoor AC vacuum circuit breaker (Hereinafter referred to as breaker) is a three-phase AC 50HZ 12KV indoor switchgear, is available for the control and protection purposes for electrical installations of industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations, and is suitable for the places that require frequent operation.
    1. SF6 High Voltage Load SwitchThe F L(R)N36-12 model SF6 high voltage load switch is a 10KV high-voltage switchgear developed in accordance with power system requirements, tts performance meet or exceed the relevant national standards, has been widely used in 10KV power distribution system.
    1. SJFD2000 Microprocessor Recloser ControllerThe SJFD2000 is a microprocessor recloser controller, suitable for protection, control and supervision of utility substations and industrial power systems including radial, looped and meshed distribution networks.
    1. SJDA Power Distribution Automation DeviceOur SJDA power distribution automation device comes with many measuring devices for parameters like voltage, current and so on. Besides, it can also calculate the active power, reactive power, power factor, electricity energy, harmonic wave, frequency, and so on.
    1. SJFD-1000 Switchgear ControllerThe SJFD-1000 switchgear controller is for the intelligent control of switches at the demarcation points of the line. It has many functions, such as, quick-break, three-section overcurrent, zero sequence protection, and reclosure. The controller electronically
    1. DM-701 Power Distribution Remote Monitoring SystemThe DM–701 power distribution remote monitoring system is a new generation power monitoring terminal. It is highly integrated and quite advanced. The GPRS/GSM/SMS/audio call techniques are used as communication protocols.
    1. HR-2PE-TL Fault Indicator with Temperature SensorThe HR–2PE–TL fault indicator with temperature sensor is used for detecting short circuit fault, earthing fault, real time 3 phase current, and 3-phase cable’s temperature. The remote sensors can transmit packaged data at set time and set interval through regular DTU/RTU polling.
    1. SFZCW Series Intelligent Recloser ControllerAs a kind of feeder automation-remote terminal unit (FA-RTU), the SFZCW series intelligent recloser controller is mainly used for 35 KV (or lower) power distribution network. It can protect and monitor the network and some facilities on it, making itself a necessary
    1. SJDA2000 Feeder Remote Terminal UnitThe SJDA2000 feeder remote terminal unit, it is an intelligent terminal designed for distribution network operation and management, widely used in the RMU distribution network, switching stations, column switches and other places.
    1. SJFD2000A Feeder Automation TerminalThe SJFD2000A feeder automation terminal is mainly used for 35KV and below distribution network, it has protection and monitoring functions for lines and equipment.
    1. Automatic Transfer Switch for Backup Power SupplyThe S J200B automatic transfer switch is mainly used for 35KV and below distribution network, has the control, automatic switching, protection and monitoring functions to the lines and equipment.
    1. SJ202 Load SwitchThe product is mainly used in electric RMU load switch, the operation is simple and has good anti-vibration and anti-interference ability, can achieve electric and remote operation and motor reset tracking.
    1. SJ201-V Circuit BreakerThe product is mainly used in special closing and opening operation of electric RMU circuit breaker, it can easily achieve the electric and remote operation. At the same time according to the number of light flashing, can know timely the cause of fault, so that save largely the troubleshooting time and improve work efficiency.
    1. SJ201-B Protective DeviceThe product is mainly used for electric RMU circuit breaker to achieve the opening and closing operation, at the same time according to the number of light flashing, can know timely the cause of fault, so that save largely the troubleshooting time and improve work efficiency.
    1. SCR201 Relay Protection DeviceThe protection features include three-stage overcurrent protection, two-stage zero-sequence overcurrent protection, post accelerating protection and surge suppression. Can set up to 4 times overcurrent reclosing, 2 times zero-sequence overcurrent reclosing and other functions;
    1. SCM300 Wireless Temperature Measuring DeviceSJSCM300 wireless temperature measuring device, divided into two models of SOJOSC M300-A and SOJOSC M300-B, with wireless communication, wired communication, data display, over-temperature alarm and other functions, highly integrated, advanced technology;
    1. SJFD-2000 Switchgear ControllerOur SJFD-2000 switchgear controller has many practical functions. It can isolate fault circuit branch, locate the fault position and monitor the user load.
    1. SJ Fault IndicatorWhen there is a short circuit fault or single phase earthing problem, the indicator can automatically locate the fault circuit or fault phase. Thus the labor intensity could be reduced and the power supply reliability can be enhanced.
  • Cable AccessoriesOur cable accessories have safety structure which is completely insulated and sealed. The total number of incoming and outgoing wires could reach 8. The structure design is compact, small, and reasonable. The installation and operation are both quite convenient.